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Suzanne Francis

Posted on February 20, 2016

First of all, I have nothing but good things to say about my experience working with Sikana. As a writer working from home, it’s easy to feel “in the dark,” but Hilary and the editors she works with, are so communicative. There is no confusion. I always feel confident that I completely understand the assignments, time-frame, deadlines, and priorities. If there are any questions at the start of a project, Sikana is there to clear it up for you. Emails are answered quickly and phone calls are scheduled promptly if you need any extra clarification. Sikana does an excellent job of introducing each project with phone calls, videos, and detailed documents – I can’t emphasize enough how organized everything is. They really make it easy for a writer to do his/her job. Sikana creates folders on a shared drive that has everything a writer needs and these are easy to use and super organized. Submitting drafts is simple and writers can see their assignments and track progress by looking at spreadsheets. It couldn’t be clearer.

Sikana also sets an incredibly friendly tone and positive work environment. It may seem strange with people working from home all over the country, but there is a down-to-earth, family-based vibe that you can’t help but feel. Hilary keeps it light with her great sense of humor while keeping everyone in the loop and on track. Vacations and family time is taken seriously at Sikana and that is so refreshing. Since I started working with Sikana, there has been a lot of work and some tight deadlines, but Hilary is always quick to remind people to take their days off and spend time with their family – what company does that? Sikana is unique with its excellent balanced tone: hard work, family, respect, and professionalism.

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