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Hilary Dumitrescu

Teaching is my vocation. I started teaching fresh out of college. I taught high school English, Social Studies, and Computer Technology for eight years in California. At the pinnacle of my teaching career, I was the district Technology Coordinator, a Mentor Teacher, ran a successful Writing Across the Curriculum program, and implemented an International Baccalaureate program at a brand-new high school. In 2000, I decided I wanted to try something new! I worked as a full-time assessment specialist for CTB/McGraw-Hill and Riverside Publishing. I started out as a writer and editor, and eventually led teams on several large-scale state assessment projects for states including Georgia, Louisiana, and New York, and on large item banks for both CTB and Riverside. As a freelancer, I’ve overseen the development of over 10,000 items for various clients’ Common Core assessment products.

I am a self-confessed “process junkie” and excel at creating clear specifications, documenting workflows and procedures, and keeping my colleagues motivated. I am really proud of the work environment we have created at Sikana.

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